Frequently Asked Questions


We can provide you with a list of the reference numbers on your boxes.  As the boxes remained sealed, we do not know what items we have.  Therefore, you are encouraged to make your own list.

We do not open your boxes unless we suspect:
    • damage to your items, or other customers items
    • there to be a risk to our staff or facility
    • something stored that is prohibited
    • a breach of our Terms and Conditions.
Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Your items will be kept safe and secure in our premises, covered by 24/7 CCTV.   As we store other customers items in our facility we cannot give out the address and do not allow visitors.

  • Medium boxes (either our EASY BOX STORAGE boxes or any double-walled cardboard box with a combined width, height and length between 110 and 130cm, 25kg)
  • Archive boxes, secured for transport (combined width, height and length up to 110cm, 25kg) or poster/document tubes
  • Suitcase, bags, and sport bags (all items must be sealed inside EASY BOX STORAGE Suitcase Boxes purchased from EASY BOX STORAGE and have a combined width, height and length no greater than 180cm, 25kg), and musical instruments in hard cases.
  • Bicycles, skis, snowboards (packed in an appropriate EASY BOX STORAGE box or in a hard travel case)
  • Printers, TVs and other electrical equipment within original packaging including polystyrene interior (combined width, height and length no greater than 180cm, 25kg)
Items of furniture or other outsize items must be agreed to in writing.
  • Single-walled cardboard boxes, including crisp boxes!
  • Any items not in a cardboard box
  • Bin bags, plastic bags, laundry bags, and canvas bags
  • Musical instruments in soft cases
  • Bicycles, skis and snowboards not in a EASY BOX STORAGE box
  • Any item over 25kg, any box over 60x60x60cm other than EASY BOX STORAGE-supplied boxes, or electronics not in their original boxes
  • Any goods containing liquids, chemicals or food
  • Anything containing items on our “banned list”
Please call us if you have items outside this range as we may be able to help  


  • In terms of outer packing, anything not packaged as per the “What we will accept list” above
In terms of contents:
  • Glass, crockery and other fragile items unless packed within a EASY BOX STORAGE crockery box
  • Goods with any glass element, and other fragile items.
  • Electronics
  • Jewellery, bullion
  • Antiques
  • The outside of suitcases, bags, sports bags, plastic containers and hard cases for instruments

Empty Boxes

Once you have placed your order online, we will send you the empty boxes to pack at your leisure.  The first 5 will be FREE of charge and you are advised to order more than you think you will need.  We will refund you for any unused and undamaged boxes once they have been returned with our courier.

We accept suitable storage boxes with the following dimensions:  610 x 457 x 457 (mm)


No storage box should exceed 25 kg.

The box must be in good condition, sturdy and suitable for transport and storage of the goods.


Please read our Terms & Conditions for more details.


The more you store, the more you save.  Prices are per box per month paid in advance.
  • 1-4 boxes = £5
  • 5-9 boxes = £4.50
  • 10-19 boxes = £4.25
  • 20-49 boxes = £4
  • 50 boxes = £3.50
You can receive preferential rates if you use our 'removal service'.  On average, you could save 30%.  Simply contact us for a personalised quote on 0333 023 3310
Prices vary for larger items, but the following list should be used as a guide:

Home Items

  • Suitcase  £6.50
  • Ironing board £3.75
  • Clothes airer £3.75
  • Pushchair - stroller £5.95
  • Pushchair buggy/pram £9.50
  • Laundry/ washing basket (empty) £2.75
  • Microwave  (domestic – with glass plate removed) £5
  • Inkjet printer (80 x 40 x 30) cartridges removed.  £4.50
  • Mirror/pictures 1.5 m x 1.5 m bubble wrapped £5
  • Mini fridge 50 x 50 x 50 cleaned/empty/taped shut  £6
  • Chair 60 x 60 x 120 £7.50
  • Stack-able chair £3.75
  • Floor lamp/ fan < 1.2 m, no light bulbs and under 25 kg £7.95
  • Clothes rail £3.50
  • Kitchen Bin <50 litre volume, cleaned £4
  • Electric Fire 15 kg £9.75
  • Large TV £9.75
  • Small TV £6.50
  • Vacuum Cleaner £5

Sporting Goods

  • Golf clubs £7..95
  • Golf trolley/stand (not electric) £3.75
  • Surf board £9.50
  • Skis in bag £7.75
  • Snowboard £9.50
  • Skateboard £5

Musical Instruments (in suitable hard cases)

  • Guitar / keyboard £5.95
  • Drum kit £5
  • Violin £5
For items unlisted, please contact us for a quote on: 0333 023 3310

We accept bank transfers, standing orders, and PayPal payments, from UK registered addresses.

Your first month's payment is required up front and future payments will need to be made on the same day each month.


The return charge is £6.95 per item (box or large item).  You will need to log in to your account in order to arrange the return.

You will receive the first 5 boxes for free.  Any subsequent boxes will be charged at £1.95 per box.  You can order these and any packing materials via your online account.

All 5 of the FREE boxes must be used, and if not, you must return them with the courier on the day of collection.


We can collect from Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Newport.  For a more details, please see our 'Areas we cover' page.

The cost for collections for Bristol postcodes is £35.  You will need to add £1.10 per mile outside of the Bristol area.

Returning Your Boxes

You will need to log in to your online account to book the return. If you only want a specific box returned, you can state this in your return order.  It is best practice to book a week ahead to allow us time to organise returning your items to you.  You will need to pay for the return on the online order form.  Each box will cost £6.95 to return as long as you are still in the same area.  If you have moved outside of the area, you will need to contact us for delivery costs.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have provided the correct address for returning your items.  If you miss the delivery or have not provided the correct address, you will be charged a £35 fee.

Yes you can.  If you have moved within Bristol, the same charges will apply.  If you have moved outside of the area, you will need to contact us with the details of your new address so we can give you an accurate quote.  Please contact us on 0333 023 3310.